What The Experts Say About Stationary Bike Vs Real Bike

What The Experts Say About Stationary Bike Vs Real Bike?

You may have seen a real bike and a stationary bike and asked yourself which one is a better choice. Well, that is exactly what is being discussed here; get in to the debate of Stationary Bike Vs Real Bike and learn interesting facts on both the instruments.

You must understand that stationary bikes are quite different than the normal bikes. Both instruments can help in producing good results if used properly.

Here is a look at the difference between real bikes and stationary bikes.

Understanding The Aspects of Stationary Bike Vs Real Bike

By isolating real biking and stationary biking you will understand the differences and then you can decide which one suits you the best. 

  • Stationary Biking:  A recent research conducted in America showed that stationary cycling keeps your heart functional by at least 95%. Also when you have your gym partners next to you, their company keeps you motivated to push harder and improve. Stationary cycling primarily uses the hamstring muscles and so this instrument helps to add strength to the lower body. If you are using this in the gym you can always get an instructor to show you how to use this in the best possible way. Stationary bikes are available in many variants with a plethora of features, so you can expect your workouts to get better every day.
  • Real Outdoor Cycling: This exercise is very good for working the entire body. Unlike stationary cycling this uses the calves, shins, quadriceps, hamstrings and the glutes. If this exercise is done right then you can expect to improve your endurance level by leaps and bounds. With real biking you can end up burning a lot more calories.

Advantages of Stationary Biking

If you want a strong lower body then this exercise instrument is just perfect for you. You can use this at a gym or just buy one at home. This does not consume too much of space which is a huge plus point.

Here are some of the major benefits associated with it.

  • Improved health: Stationary cycling not only helps to burn all the excess calories but also improve your health in general. This exercise is ideal for enhancing cardiovascular health. Do this for a couple of weeks and you will be able to get rid of all your fatigue.
  • Toned lower body: Through this exercise equipment you can target major muscle groups in your lower body. This will add a lot of muscle mass to your thighs.
  • Improve your mood: There is no doubt that his exercise can help you beat stress to a great extent. In fact, it helps to release endorphins in your body that make you feel happy and confident.
  • Climate friendly: The biggest advantage of this is that you do not have to depend on the climate outside the window to indulge in this exercise. So there is no doubt that this will make a great addition for your home gym.
  • Very easy to use: The good thing about this is that it is suitable for advanced, intermediate, and beginners. You can sit on this and happily cycle on this while watching television. This is ideal for those who do not have the time to pursue a full -fledged exercise routine.
  • Improves mobility: Exerts have suggested that stationary cycling improves movement of the joints. Anybody experiencing pain in their joints can take to this exercise to get rid of the pain.
  • Low-risk: Since this has low impact on the knees your joint will not be at risk in sustaining injuries. Medical research has revealed that your joints become a lot stronger than before.
  • Weight loss: It is said that a person weight approximately 135 pounds can expect to burn about 500 calories within an hour.
  • Strength training: Most stationary cycles have the option of adjusting the level of resistance. When you exercise on this every day, you will end up burning a lot of calories and strengthen your core muscles in the process.

Advantages Of Real Biking

It is no secret that real biking on a daily can be tedious but if it is done properly the results can be very rewarding in the long run.

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy in the long run.

  • Improved sleep pattern: People have often complained about disturbed sleep because of stress. However, indulging in cycling can help to a great extent. This exercise will help you get rid of all stress from within your body and you will get good sleep. Good sleep ensures that you are fuelled with a lot of energy to function throughout the day.
  • Speeds up metabolism: Not only can you burn calories and knock off a couple of extra pounds but also maintain a steady metabolism. A steady metabolism will help you maintain an ideal body weight as you’re your height and age.
  • Build self-confidence: Medical journals have stated that outdoor cycling has a positive effect on one’s mind by building self-confidence. A high level of self -confidence can help individuals lead a healthy sex life.
  • Sharper mind: Regular exercising can reduce fatigue to a great extent; even if you do it for like 30 minutes you will experience better creative thinking and memory. Cycling is also known to cut down the levels of depression and anxiety. There have been reported where people have stated better mental health after indulging in this exercise.

In this debate of Stationary Bike Vs Real Bike, there is no winner. You cannot ignore the fact that real biking can be tons of fun as you get to go out and feel the cool breeze in your hair.

There is no doubt that real bikes have an edge over stationary bikes, but then some people do not have the time to go out cycling or in general  do not have the enthusiasm.

So, it does boil down to personal choice. Pick the option that suits your life style and your stamina. You can get good results from both provided you are serious and stick to your goals.

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