You may have wondered about the cardio workout that you, whether it is really effective and will it help you fulfill your objectives. While you get into the fact of Hiit vs Liss, you also have to understand that not all cardio workouts give you the same results.

When you take running into consideration both Liss and Hiss are very different kinds of cardiovascular workouts. The first is a low intensity and latter a high intensity. It is very important that you learn the difference between the two if you want to get the best out of your workouts.

What Is LISS Cardio

What Is LISS Cardio?

In simple words this exercise elevates the heart beat by exercising but also not letting things go above 50 percent. This exercise keeps it at the level for about 30 minutes. To get a good estimate on the heart rate, simply take 220 and minus your age from the figure, you can also use every heart beat per minute to get an idea on the intensity.

Most conditioning and sports coaches suggest that people should keep their BPM within 120 to 150 when it comes to LISS. Gentle yoga, light swimming, low resistance, slow cycling, a casual walk, and slow jog are some examples that fall under LISS.

While indulging in this you might experience a bit of sweating and your breathing will be quite steady. However you must remember that if you are a beginner then you should not indulge in a 30 minute walk right away, as it will be very intense for you.


If your primary target is to lose a lot of fat then you should indulge in LISS cardio at least three times within a week. Calories lost will totally depend on the level of intensity. The truth is that for most people running for six miles an hour may not happen and so they need to consider HIIT as an alternative method. This will elevate your heart rate for about 4 minutes, after that you will get a short period to rest.


Research has provided facts that HIIT is known to help you main a steady metabolic rate during and after any exercise. HIIT provides quick results. You will experience elevated endurance levels and low fat content in the body.

What is Cardio?

This is a form of exercise that raises your heart beat and keeps you healthy for a long time. This is a very basic exercise that helps people beat stress and stay fit. Different people have very different goals while doing cardio. The one goal that most people do this is too lose all those extra kilos.

Cardio exercises help you lose weight through your sweat. This is the best solution for any individual who wants to lose weight really fast. You should make a good selection of exercises that you want to perform.  Also, mix them up every now and then as they will shock your body.

What Is Liss?

This is popularly known as Low intensity Steady State, this cardio exercise lasts up to 60 minutes. This raises the heart rate by 60% and is also able to burn substantial fat from the body. You will experience better endurance and healthy circulation of blood.

What Is Hiit?

This is known as High intensity interval training, where a person can also take regular rests in between exercises. This can really work the metabolic rate in the body and burn a lot of calories.

Benefits of LISS AND HIIT

Both have their advantages and are designed for different people. You have to decide which suits you the most and then go ahead with things.

Here are the advantages of Hiit and Liss, they will help you make your selection.

Advantages of HIIT

  • Short workouts: For those of you, who cannot put in much time, should select this as the work outs are really short and intense. The results are quite good too.
  • Burns serious calories: Research has proven that short and intense bouts of exercises yield great results at the end of the day. Hiit is also known to make your heart a lot stronger.
  • Enhance performance: Hiit gives you time to recover in between rounds and this really helps in making the body stronger and thus improving performance.
  • Very Accessible: Exercises in this category can be performed anywhere and by everyone.

Advantages of LISS

  • Less tedious: With LISS you can burn quite a bit of calories with very little effort.
  • Super safe: This is very slow and controlled exercise. The chances of getting injured are absolutely negligible. You can perform Liis exercises everyday as your joints and muscles are not being impacted. You do not have to worry too much about recovery time.
  • Easy to perform: For this you do not have to step into a gym, you can pretty much do these exercises anywhere. You can simply slip on a pair of sneakers and go out for a walk in your locality.

Good HIIT Workout Routine

Hiit is very good for losing fat, building muscles and you can give your body a complete workout. Here are some routines that are very popular

  • Fat Loss: This routine should be followed five days in a week, alternating between weight training and HIIT routine. The other two days should be complete rest days.
  • Muscle gain: In this routine the first two days are dedicated to weight training followed by HIIT schedule on the third day. The same is to be repeated for the other days.

All of this has to be performed in the gym with specialized equipment and under the supervision of a trainer.

Good Liss Workout Routine

This is ideal for people who do not have the time or enthusiasm to step into a gym and work out.

Here is a list of exercises that fall in this category.

  • Skateboarding
  • Swimming
  • Steady rowing
  • Cycling like exercise bikes, real bike
  • Hiking
  • Brisk walking
  • Treadmill

These exercises can be performed anywhere. You may need a bit of guidance from trainers for few of these exercises, otherwise they are super easy to perform and very rewarding too.

LISS vs HIIT And Fat Loss

When the word Cardio is uttered people immediately imagine that they have to spend hours on the treadmill. This theory is completely wrong; if you know to approach things then you can achieve weight loss in the smartest way possible. There are two primary methods of achieving this and they are Liss and Hiit. To know more read on.

  • HIIT has gained tremendous amount of popularity over the years and this involves performing very intense exercises for short period of time. Typically the training sessions lasts about 20 minutes or less. Soccer, Tabata workouts, circuit training, and sprinting are examples of HIIT exercises.
  • Liss is also very common type of cardio exercises. This requires an individual to perform many repetitions of a particular exercise. This exercise does not involve too many rests. Swimming, aerobics, rowing and jogging are common types of Liss exercises. This training session can be performed for an hour.

Understanding The Technicalities

Cardio is performed with the intention of losing weight but it also enhances your endurance by a large margin. Cardio is usually the process of circulating oxygen for generating energy. Hiit is very effective in burning fat but the body needs more time to recover. 

If you want to gain muscle mass then you should go for Liss. This is usually adopted by professional body builders who want to get rid of the excess fat from the body right before their competition. During the training sessions Hiit is adopted to create muscles and to curb the levels of fat in the body.

Thoughts On HIIt vs LISS 

So now you know that people who are on a restricted diet do not have to avoid indulging in HIIT. You just have to check that you are not cutting down on all the calories or else you may lose too much of muscle mass. 

If you indulge in HIIT workout for at least 20 minutes then you can burn as many calories as a one hour Liss workout. A Hiit workout is known to enhance the metabolism for at least 24 hours. So this means that you will be able to intake more calories and burn the fat properly. Both generate fabulous results over a period of time so do not rush them. You have to be quite very patient to see good results and also follow up with suitable nutrition.

You should also keep in mind that there is no clinical proof that will show you what the best cardio is. You have to understand what works for you the best and then proceed. We are all built differently and we function differently. So, you should choose an option that suits your lifestyle and your endurance levels. 

Both HIIT and Liss are very good for losing fat provided you so them systematically. It is never a good idea to imitate other people’s workout routine. It best to hire a trainer and then proceed; as a trainer will explain all the technicalities involved in these exercises.

A Word Of Advice

So here are some of the facts on Hiit vs Liss and you should know that both of them are very different. Both have pros and cons to them but they both produce fabulous results. You should choose based on what your goals and preferences are.