This Concept2 Bike Review Tells You Things You May Not Know

Are you thinking of buying a new stationary bike? Why not give Concept2 Bike a thought? These are ideal for their air resistance technology and sturdy body. This has prompted us to write this Concept2 Bike Review.

Their advanced technology and out of the box thinking makes them who they are today. Their products are of top notch quality and the materials used too are class apart. 

Hence, if you are planning to procure an exercise bike, then do give this post a thorough read. We promise, this will answer all your queries and you will be able to make an educated choice. 

An Honest Concept2 Bike Review

Concept2 Bikes are well known for their endurance. Some of these bikes can easily bear up to 300 pounds! That is incredible and you must think about this aspect while choosing a bike for sure. 

Then, the built programs, ability to save workouts, easy to read console, and flywheel drive mechanism make it an elite spin bike. Owing to all this finesse, you feel you are on the road while pedaling your way and that prepares it as the finest of indoor bikes. Want to know more, then keep reading till the end.

Benefits Of The Bike

Exercising is undoubtedly very good for us, provided we have a systematic approach. An exercise bike is the ideal instrument to stay fit and lose all those extra pounds. This Concept2 Bike Review will highlight some fabulous aspects of this wonderful exercise equipment.

  • Convenient: With this equipment you can expect to gain tremendous amount of flexibility. The user-friendly controls on the bike make it very easy to be used by anyone.
  • Enhance energy levels: Research has proven that these exercise bikes train your body to get fitter from the inside. It also helps to raise your metabolism and burn all the extra calories.
  • Cardio Exercise: This bike from Concept2 will ensure that your heart and respiratory system is in top working condition and your body has even circulation of oxygen in it.

Buying Guide For The Bike

Since the market is flooded with numerous bikes it can be difficult to zero in on a particular kind. So, to take the confusion out there are some pointers that you can consider following.

  • Firstly these bikes come in a varied price range so you should be clear about your budget, as this will help you make your purchases.
  • Try to find out about the different types of models as they all have different features
  • The online vendors offer good amount of discounts on certain premium models.

Features Of The Bike

These bikes have become a household name and have literally outsold all other rival brands by a large margin. The bikes have incorporated huge improvements in their design and features. Here are some outstanding features of the bikes

  • Connectivity and PM5 computer:  The bike is equipped with a PM5 monitor with back lights and runs on D Batteries. The monitor gains power from the flywheel to add to the life of the battery. The LCD screen provides you with all the correct feedback that you will need to enhance your performance. The good thing is that you can monitor your heart rate with the wireless strap.  You can store all your data and save them on a USB, this will help you track the progress that you have achieved so far.
  • Pedals and Q-Factor: The unique feature of this bike is that it has 15 millimeters Q-Factor and this gives you the feeling of riding on an actual bike. Experience the best efficiency, comfort, and safety in every stroke. This will also keep your feet, knees, and hips in perfect alignment and gets rid of uncomfortable stress from your knee areas.
  • Erg flywheel: The bike has flywheel which also have fan blades on them. As a user you will experience a smooth momentum like road bikes. Unlike other models in the market, this bike utilizes a light flywheel. A light flywheel will not exert too much on the bike so you can expect it to last for a number of years. This bike does not need too much requirement.
  • Resistance level: The bike has a high responsive mechanism when it comes to resistance. You will literally have unlimited options at your finger- tips when it comes to tweaking the resistance levels. The equipment features a damper that controls the flow of air towards the flywheel. The lever to control the damper is located close to the flywheel.
  • Seat and handlebar: The handlebars on this bike can be adjusted using 4 different settings. The handlebars and seat have a very effective lever system for effective adjustment. This also features drop and hoods for track and road. The seat has sufficient cushioning which makes it very comfortable to use on a daily basis. This seat also provides good support to the lower back. The handlebars can be adjusted to target different muscle groups to add variety to your workout.
  • Shipping and assembly: The good thing about this bike is that it is available online and the shipping is free. The assembly is very easy, the sales package will have the tools you need. Since the parts are very lightweight the assembly process will not take too much time.
  • Warranty and price: Typically these bikes are very expensive but this bike is quite affordable. The manufacturer offers a five year warranty on the whole frame and certain parts. This is one feature that will go down very well with the buyers.


Here are some of the plus points of the bike that are worth taking notice of.

  • Good connectivity: These bikes come with a monitor with Wireless connectivity, ANT, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The Erg app helps you keep a track of the progress you have made. This app also lets you connect to a log book online. This will share all data related to RPM, Watt and other statistics with other users. This will help you stay interested in what you are doing.
  • Lever adjustment: To get a good fit you do not have to step down from the bike and this is totally due to the step-less lever present in the bike. The handlebars can be adjusted four different ways and this makes these bikes compatible with all users.
  • Easy assembly: unlike other bikes in the market this does not require too much of effort when it comes to assembly. The sales package contains all the right tools and a user manual that explains the entire procedure to you.
  • Affordable and durable product: The bike has a very sturdy frame which means it can withstand heavy usage. The bike is very sturdy, durable, reliable, and lightweight. This bike has fabulous features and is relative affordable than most brands in the market.


Like most products this bike too has its share of problems but you should not hesitate to buy this product. Learn about its cons so that you know how to work around it.

  • Noise: Certain models have a lot of noise issues; this can be a major drawback for most users. The flywheel tends to be a bit noisy and may cause disturbances for others inside the house.
  • Seat Adjustment: Adjusting the seat in a horizontal position may be a little tedious as you will require a wrench to make the clamp of the seat loose. The range of adjustment is also very short, this may cause a problem for certain riders to use this bike.
  • Lack of SPD elements: Though the bikes have pedals that prevent slipping but the SPD is completely missing so you cannot use the bike with athletic shoes on. So you will be required to purchase separate Shoes to use this effectively.

How Does The Product Help You?

This is a very versatile product indeed as you can indulge in a life of fitness and enhance your energy levels. You now no longer have to depend on the weather outside to go out for a jog or a walk. You can use this equipment inside your house to workout.

Since this product is compatible with multiple users you can encourage your family members to exercise and stay fit too. The online connectivity feature allows you to stay in touch with other users and share data with them. This will help you stay motivated in your routine.

Not only will this help you lose weight but also help you tone your muscles properly and build lean muscles on your lower body. You can also expect your posture to improve within a few months. Feel revitalized from the inside out.


  1. What Kind Of Resistance Does Concept2 BikeHave?

Ans. As mentioned earlier, the use of air resistance technology makes these exercise bikes different. This kind of resistance increases as you pedal fast, and decreases as you slowdown, which is quite a way to lose weight. This means you are in total control. 

  1. Is There Any Warranty?

Ans. Of course, there are and you will be surprised to know that there is 5 years on the frame, 2 years on electronics and parts. How does that sound?

  1. What Is The Body Made Up Of? 

Ans. In general, the body of Concept2 Bike is made from commercial grade aluminum. This certainly adds to its durability and you can count on them being safe.

  1. Are They Light In Weight?

Ans. The use of aluminum makes them lightweight and this is a smart thing to do for bikes fromConcept2. They are strong, robust and can last for a lifetime if taken care of. What more can you ask of a bike? 

  1. Are The Seats Adjustable?

Ans. Yes, the seats are very much adjustable and you can always set the saddle on the seat post according to your requirement. 

Besides, the warranty offered by the manufacturer makes it worth a try. Their bikes are very low on maintenance and this Concept2 Bike Review has made it amply clear that these won’t take much of your time for their upkeep. As a result the owners feel a relief to invest in these bikes.


If cycling is your forte and a way to unwind, then installing one in your home could be a good way to maintain weight as well. Outdoor cycles may give you the wind in your hair feel, but these robust indoor bikes are no less. These offer you with a safe solution and working out at your convenience, anytime. Think about it!

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