Get Your Facts Right By This Sunny Bike Review

A discussion about fitness bikes is deemed incomplete without talking about Sunny bikes. How could we fall short of that? No, we decided to take that plunge and here we are after spending hours of evaluation. We have literally spent months for this and you will soon see why.

A Sunny bike Review should be considered the Holy Grail of exercise bike reviews. The fact that they have so many varieties to choose from that it becomes pretty overwhelming at times. 

That is right they have it all, recumbent bikes, stationary bikes, magnetic folding recumbent bikes, fan bikes, air bikes, rowing machine upright bikes and many more. If this seems interesting enough, then keep reading about them. 

Sunny Bike Review – The Reality

Sunny Health Fitness happens to be a well-known name in fitness industry. This is a California based company that operates from the US. They provide quality equipment when it comes to fitness and they have been into this business for over 15 years now. 

Moreover, their designs are regarded as out of this world. They may be uncomplicated, but are hard to ignore designs. Their products carry a marking of their own. They are beautiful, easy to use, affordable, and at par with all the compliances you can think of. 

This makes their bikes and other fitness equipment to be simply out of this world. The experience of those using them is no less exciting. If you want to know more, then we plead you to read more. 

Benefits Of Sunny Bikes

Did you know that getting some kind of exercise in the day can boost your immunity? This is why doctors and healthcare professionals always ask us to remain active. Now, if you are thinking about the benefits you may reap by investing Sunny bicycles, then you can have a look at this conversation:

  • Easy Joints – If you find running or walking to be taking a toll on your joints, think of riding an exercise bike. They easy on your joints, beneficial over walking, as the whole body remains active and you can do it from the comfort of your home. Yet, your knees, joints, ankles and hips do not feel that pressure. 
  • Cardio – This is true again, as riding a bike regulates your blood sugar levels and lowers your high blood pressure. It also diminishes the risk of heart attack. Using a Sunny bike on a regular basis can help your heart to pump blood efficiently. All in all, it provides good cardio exercise.
  • Weight Loss –Yes, proper diet, rest and exercise are the key ingredients for losing weight. If you are persistent, you will see results for sure with Sunny bikes too. It is believed on an average if an average spends 30 minutes on a bike, they tend to lose 200-300 calories. So, you can do the math!
  • Convenience–No helmets and no gear required while biking! What more can you ask for? You can do it from the convenience of your home. You can lose weight, while watching your favorite programs, movies or listening to songs. That is really incredible.
  • Health Wise–It conditions and tones your muscles. Your legs, thighs, quads and hamstrings become stronger and you can feel it every day. It also boosts your energy, so rest assured you will feel energetic the whole day after a spin class.

A Buying Guide For Sunny Bikes

Buying a Sunny bike is no different from procuring anything new. The fact that they have so many models to choose could make it quite confusing at times. However, with a bit of elimination and following these pointers can make your life easy. 

  • Budget–The first thing that you should consider is the price tag. That is correct, as this will break or make your deal. You need to find a number and must stick to it. 
  • A Collection – As referenced, Sunny bicycles have a gathering of bicycles to choose from. You can name it and they have it. From recumbent bikes, fan bikes, air bikes, elliptical, to upright rowing machines. That could be really overcoming, and this is why you must know which kind are you into. 
  • Weight–Yes, this is another factor that plays quite a significant role in selecting a stationary bike. Make sure that the Sunny model you choose corresponds to your weight. Their bikes can survive anything between 220 pounds to 350 pounds. That is a lot!
  • Frame – According to Sunny bicycles, you should investigate the geometry of a bicycle. The stands, cylinders and achieve all piece of this check. These will vary with the model, yet you will find it amusing to sift through them. 
  • Noise–We are sure you want a noiseless model, as to not to wake the whole family up, while working out. Like recumbent bikes and belt driven bikes by Sunny are always quieter and you will be happy to procure one. 
  • Safe – Sunny bicycles are protected and with long stretches of recognition, you can anticipate that them to be quite competent at this. Their bicycles are in consistence with every one of the models and that implies you don’t need to stress over this.

Features Of Sunny Bikes

There are many of a stationary that you can focus on. We have sorted out the most imperative ones among them. Peruse at your suitable time.

  • Comfort –The seat means a lot in this case, because you will be spending 30 minutes to an hour or more in advanced stages on your bike. They need to be broad and cushioned. A Sunny bike will always offer you with maximum ease and adjustability for your solace.
  • Build – They utilize light in weight metals for their bicycles. Their bikes have steel body, which is a blessing owing to being lightweight. Their casings are compact, durable and corrosion safe. Their experience makes a huge difference and they comprehend what metal ought to go for what style of bicycle. 
  • Flywheel – The flywheel is the mechanism that makes your bike worth. They have a heavy 40 pound flywheel that makes your ride smooth and easy. The resistance is quite a lot, if you have any experience with flywheel, you may know it very well.
  • Compact–This is one of the best characteristics of any stationary bike. Yes, Sunny bikes are compact in size and can be stashed away anywhere because of this. 
  • Warranty – In general, Sunny bikes are backed with 5 years to 1 year warranty on structural frame. They also come with 180 days on parts and components. Nonetheless, these warranties become void in case misuse or neglect. They are a business organization and not a charitable institute!
  • Value – Make sure that whatever you are investing in; makes sense. There is no need to throw away money while building a home gym. This means you can get it done within reasonable standards. Just make sure that things don’t go out of hand. Ensure that the product you are procuring lasts longer and sturdy to bear every day wear and tear. This should take care of the rest.


To sum it up once again for you, it must be stated that Sunny bikes are:

  • Very affordable 
  • Are available in various types
  • All their bikes have a small footprint and that makes them an ideal choice for home use
  • Bigger flywheel means a smoother ride and Sunny bikes are popular for their flywheels
  • They are comfortable
  • Extremely durable
  • Low on maintenance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Expect a very friendly customer service 


  • No bottle holder
  • They only ship within US
  • Warranty is limited to US domestic purchases only

How Do Sunny Bikes Help Us?

To be completely forthright, Sunny Health Fitness bicycles can be utilized for by all. That is right, as you can expect an entry level cyclist use just as an expert utilizing their models. The fact is they have constantly worked on innovation and technology over the years. Today, their specialized progression has prompted something even enormous. 

What’s more, Sunny Health Fitness is a decent company in the fitness realm. They have the quality, or else they wouldn’t have been doing business for a long time. These are low maintenance bicycles that don’t take as much time as is needed. You will be glad to get one for your home. Nevertheless, a touch of consideration and safeguarding can prop them up for a considerable length of time. 

These bicycles can enable you to get thinner, remain fit and happy. That is correct, on the grounds that exercising keeps your disposition levels lightened, are true. You are glad when you work out and that affects your entire day and persona.


  1. Are Sunny Bikes Effective?

Ans. Look, the success depends on you. In this case, we are not talking about the success rate of the bike, but your ability to stick to a regime for good. So, if you exercise well, keep a check on your eating habits, and work out on a regular basis, you will succeed.

  1. Chain Drive Or Belt Drive?

Ans. Bikes by Sunny Health Fitness have both these mechanisms. Chain drives are durable, but are noisy, whereas, belt drives are quieter. Belt drives wear down and you need to replace them. 

  1. What Kind Of Assembling Is Required?

Ans. It is very easy to assemble bikes by Sunny Health Fitness. They have a set of clear instructions and these days you may even watch a few videos for the same. This makes its effortless to assemble these bikes. Yes, but if you are comfortable doing it, then we recommend that you take it to a professional and get it done.


Sunny Health Fitness is an American company that treats its customers with utmost respect. For this, they have installed a very friendly and helping customer service team in place. They honor their warranties and customers are truly their priority. This is something we thought is integral part of our Sunny bike Review.

Overall, this is a trustworthy name in the bike industry. They are not limited to bikes but have a lot of diversity and this makes them a genuine company. They have grown because they have served well. It is that simple! Why not take test the waters and see what they have store for you?

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