Rowing Machine Vs Exercise Bike Expectations Versus Reality

Rowing Machine Vs Exercise Bike: Expectations Versus Reality

Whenever you think of low impact exercise, you think of the exercising bike. Don’t you? Now, you may get confused with- which one to trust. It’s time to leave those fears behind, and take a plunge into something new, with a more sensible approach. 

There is always this query while talking about rowing machine vs exercise bike, which one to choose? Yes, you may get baffled with too many things. However, we ask you to stick to simple things by following this discussion. 

Rowing Machine Vs Exercise Bike – Things You Need To Know

The fact is ever since Johnny Goldberg invented the stationary bike in 1989, it has been in spotlight. It is ideal for people with joint pain and obesity that can burn calories in the comfort of their home. It is a good cardio exercise that makes or breaks your routine. Trust us, cycling is one of the best ways to burn those calories.

Benefits Of Cycling

As mentioned it is a low impact exercise that needs no special skills. Almost everyone knows how to ride a bike (especially the stationary ones).As for those who don’t, we must convey this message to them that relax, these are stationary. Hey, so, no worries at all. Just give it a go.

On a serious note, the advantages that you can reap from it are immense, like:

  • Provides you with oxygenated blood
  • Increases cardiovascular functionality
  • Improves lung conditions
  • It makes your lower body stronger by making use of the muscles
  • This part has the largest muscle group in your body, which shedding a few pounds easy
  • If conditioning of buttocks, thighs and calves are on your mind, then this is way to go for it
  • You don’t get tired with it
  • This means you can use it for a long time
  • This is why even the elderly can work out with it
  • Even people that have sustained injury or rehabilitating can use the exercise bike


  • Only lower body
  • Low intensity exercise


Working with a rowing machine, means you are using flywheel technology to its full. It is a simple way to get some intense cardio, by pushing your body back with your legs and then pulling it back with your arms. Wow, that sounds pretty good, isn’t it? Heck yeah, it is a good way to condition your body. 

Benefits Of Rowing

Okay, you cannot deny, but agree that with head upright and your back straight up, using legs and hands to push back and forth, means a lot of work. Yes, you will break a sweat. We have recorded some more advantages of rowing in here:

  • A rower works its charms on the most imperative of all organs, the heart
  • That is correct, it pumps up the muscles
  • It also firms them, like weight lifting does (only minus the weights)
  • It uses more muscles than a bike – 60% from your legs, 30% from to and fro movement and rest 10% from your arms
  • It works on muscles of thighs, glutes, legs, calf, anterior tibial, arms, abdomen and back
  • It also builds resistance for your muscles to work harder


  • If you tire out, you need to stop at once (in order to avoid injury)
  • People with joint and back problems need to stay away from the rower

Head On

In this vivid analysis about rowing machine vs exercise bike, it must be noted that both machines provide you with quality cardio. Yes, you need to be stringent with your diet and rest, if you want to see positive results. We can tell you how they help you by comparing them in depth in this section, Give a read and then decide for yourself. 

Muscles Used

We have already made it amply clear that stationary exercise bikes only focus on lower body muscles. On the other hand, a rowing machine utilizes leg muscles, calf muscle, thigh muscles, quad muscles and many more. 

Calories Burnt

With a stationary bike, you are bound to burn 606 calories within an hour at a constant speed. Conversely, with a rowing machine, you can expect to burn 400 calories in an hour (an average).

Exercise Variance

Okay, there is no better way of saying this, but it is true that stationary bikes offer you with more variety of exercises. Higher end models can even provide you with strength and stamina training too!

If truth be told, then you must know that owing machines have limited options and you can only think of using them in a specific way. You surely can get some high intensity workout, but cannot expect a lot of variations with this one.

It may seem that the exercise bike has won this race. In spite of all this, we would advise you to seek further help from a professional that can guide you in the real way. This could be another way of knowing what suits you the best. After all, instructors or personal trainers are way knowledgeable than you can think of. A good trainer can make a lot of difference. 


See, we know different people, different needs. In this conversation about rowing machine vs exercise bike, you may have found one thing in common that of selecting something which defines you well. That is to say, choose a regime that helps you achieve your goals.  

You may even incorporate both these machines in your regime if you like to work out with both of them (and if you don’t have any injuries). It is totally your choice that matters here. You know your system and if you want to burn more calories, then a combination of the two may prove to be helpful.

All machines are fine, and you may need a rowing machine if you get into strength training. Whereas, an exercise bike can help you build resistance. Hands down, it burns more calories, and is a non-weight bearing exercise schedule. It is totally up to you to decide in either of their favor. 

So, go get that bike now! What are you waiting for? 

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