Peloton Bike Review: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

There are those that work out in the gym and there are those that prefer working out at home. If you are like us and fit into the second category, then you will find this Peloton bike Review to be really helpful. 

Peloton bikes come with on demand programs and live spin classes. So, if you don’t like to sweat it out in public, yet miss your buddies, then this is a perfect solution for you. We spent hours on these bikes and found the subscription along with many features to be decent enough. We would like to share our experience with you. Just read on.

More On Peloton Bike Review

To be honest, you must have heard about Peloton bikes, which is why you are here, and reading this. To enlighten you about more about these bikes, we have to tell you that these were only founded in 2012. That’s right, and they have sold hundreds of these bikes over the years. 

It is almost like a cult that has a loyal follower base. You can call them to be expensive, but they have a faithful fan base. This was primarily founded for helping people pressed for time to get the feel of flywheel technology and high tech cycling. Stay at home parents, busy-with-business and suburbanites were its target market. The motto was to provide everyone with the equal opportunity to work out from the comfort of their homes.

Guess what, it worked like a charm and they started a revolution that was soon to be followed by all the top bike manufacturers. Seems people don’t care about the price tag, if the product has really has true merit. This was such a case and it became an instant hit for that. 

In case, you want to know more about these bikes, then you must read the rest of this post as well.

Benefits Of Peloton Bikes

There are bikes that are simple and do what you need them to do, and there are Peloton Bikes. You just can’t toss them away saying they belong to a certain class. Well, even that class means as a target audience. The crux of this premise lies in the fact that bikes are equally important and if you are a techno geek, then you will love what it has to offer.

Physicians and healthcare professionals want us to be healthy. This is why they ask us to work out on a daily basis and maintain our weight. Exercising on a regular basis boosts our immunity and that is a very important thing to do for sure.

Again, if you are mulling over procuring bikes from Peloton, you may feel like investigating into it a bit more. So, here are few advantages of Peloton bikes that you can count on: 

  • Good Shape – It conditions and tones your muscles. Your thighs, quads, legs, glutes, and hamstrings become stronger and you can sense it. It likewise supports your energy levels, so rest guaranteed you will feel energetic every time after a spin session, without even batting an eye. 
  • Weight Loss – Yes, counting calories, working out, and resting are the key parts for getting fit. In the event that you remain true to yourself, you will get results undoubtedly with Peloton bicycles. It has been found that if an individual spends 30 minutes on a bicycle, all things considered, they will, lose 200-300 calories for sure.
  • No Joint Trouble – Do you feel pain in your joints like knees, shoulders, and elbows while running or walking? Stress no more, as you can supplant your action with that of riding a bicycle. They are undemanding and more exciting over running or walking. Essentially, your entire body gets to work out with stationary bikes, and you can do it, from comfort of your home. In addition, your knees, joints, lower legs and hips won’t feel that weight. 
  • Cardio – This is demonstrated truth that riding a bicycle can control your blood sugar levels and reduces your blood pressure. Moreover, it reduces the risks of a heart attack. Utilizing Peloton bicycles all the time can assist your heart to pump blood quite successfully, as a result of this. In a nutshell, it offers you an exceptional cardio work out. 
  • Pragmatic – No need of biking gears and helmets! What more would you ask for? You can do it in your office or home and whenever it might suit you. You can shed pounds, while watching your favored films, reading books or listening to your jam. Sounds extraordinary, isn’t that right? 

A Buying Guide To Peloton Bikes

Acquiring a Peloton bicycle is comparable to getting anything new. Really, they have a collection to browse and that could make it perplexing every once in a while. Regardless, the going, these pointers can make your life easy. 

  • Collection – As referenced, Peloton bicycles have an assortment of bikes to scan through. You can name it and they have it. From upright bikes, ellipticals, to recumbent bikes, they have everything. 

They even packages that you can choose from as per your convenience. In addition, they have several to select, like shoes, dumbbells and more that can be used along with these bikes. That could be really overwhelming, and this is the reason you should know which kind you must get into to reach your targets.

  • Budget – The fundamental thing that you would even regard an item to fit into your prerequisites would be its cost. This will help you eliminate a couple of other models. You have to locate a number and should stick to it. 
  • Frame – According to Peloton bikes, you ought to examine the geometry of a bike. The stands and handlebars all must be checked efficiently. These will differ with models, yet this is a better strategy to get closer to what you want.
  • Noise – We are certain you need a silent model, as to not to bother the entire family, while working out. Peloton bicycles are calmer than what you can consider, and you will be glad to get one, without a doubt.
  • Weight – Yes, this is another factor that has an imperative effect while picking a stationary bicycle. Do guarantee that the Peloton model you pick associates with your weight. Their bicycles can hold up under anything up to 305 pounds. That is a considerable amount! 
  • Safe – Peloton bicycles are secured and in compliance with most standards. Their activity bicycles are in consistence with all of models and that interprets you don’t have to worry over this. 

Features Of Peloton Bike

Peloton bikes have been inspired by studio cycles. This is something where the instructor teaches live and you can log into sessions using your smart gadgets to chip in. 

The instructor keeps explaining how to do it better and you can hear them clearly, by using headphones, if you don’t want others in the family. Plus, the leaderboard has all the information for who joined in and what level they are at. This makes the whole concept very competitive too.

Although, there is more to these bikes and we have summed them up into this section:

  • Build – Peloton bikes are smartly designed and are very user friendly. You just need to hop on to them and they will do the rest for you. You have fun while working out and the sturdy body supports you with ease.
  • Flywheel – Theirs is an app based flywheel that needs to be paid for. This way you can actually take your work out to anywhere you want. The magnetic flywheel mimics conventional bikes and makes your work out challenging.
  • Resistance – The magnetic flywheel makes the resistance commercial quality. The transitions are smooth and the brakes are free of contacts. This means the operation is absolutely noiseless.  
  • Warranty – Warranty is very uniquely planned by Peloton. It comes with limited warranty for wear and tear of parts, mechanics and service. It boils down to 1 year, but the frame has 5 years and this could be extended with paid subscriptions.
  • Assemble – Peloton bikes go with their own one of kind game plan of rules. They have a point by point direction booklet that you can use as a guide. All things considered, these days, you may think about viewing a couple of online videos for the same. 


We can sum up all this like:

  • Yes, you can lose weight with the community making it stimulating
  • Interactive fun ride
  • Various types of rides – low impact, groove, power, tabata (20 seconds high speed, followed by 10 seconds of resting) to live DJ ones
  • Live spin classes to enjoy 
  • All your data gets recorded that helps you reach goals faster


Everything comes with its own set of flaws and Peloton bikes are no exception to that. Here are a few things that may not be regarded as a deal breaker:

  • They are expensive 
  • Are high end, may not made for all 
  • Need to be connected to the internet all through
  • The handles may seem to be a bit far off, in spite of all the adjustments

How Do Peloton Bikes Help Us?

Okay, Peloton bikes have a certain magnitude that makes them prominent. If you still want to know who would like these bikes, the range is totally surprising. It is liked by a 20 something that is into gizmo and the likes to the much 50 something that wants to keep their joints mobile.

As of now, they are a renowned name in the fitness world. They have the quality, or else they wouldn’t have been working for this while indeed. Their bicycles normally have low upkeep and this implies you won’t need to impart a lot of your time to them. Notwithstanding, some cleaning and care can make them keep going you, long. 

These bicycles can help with you get trimmer, stay fit and be happy. That is correct, exercising keeps your mood levels alleviated, which is an obvious truth now. You are rendered jovial when you work out and that effects as long as you can remember it.


  1. How To Find The Right Instructor?

Ans. It is advisable that you try a few and then choose the one that you feel comfortable to work with. It is your choice and comfort that matters. 

  1. What Is The Community Like?

Ans. The community of cycling enthusiasts consists of professionals, doctors, nurses, a lot more than you can imagine.

  1. Any Perks For Rides?

Ans. Yes, with your 100th ride comes a t-shirt, as the Peloton Century Shirt. You can buy it, but costs more than you can imagine.

  1. Can Everyone Else Use The Bike In A Family?

Ans. Of course, and everyone can even save their unique records in the leaderboard. This way everyone gets to track their progress as well. 


It is true that Peloton bikes are expensive, but the bikes look very appealing, Then again, if you don’t continue with the subscription, your Peloton may not feel the same. However, the programs are so exciting and inspiring that you can never give up on them. The point is you are not going to a gym or spending an ounce on gas. Why not subscribe and make the most out of it? This is what most people get baffled with, but we have explained it all in this post. We have tried to clarify all that in this Peloton bike Review. Hope this solves your problems. Happy spinning!

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