A Productive Rant About Nautilus Bike Review

You know if you are looking for a stationary that only does what it is supposed to do, then you have Nautilus for you. There is nothing fancy about this brand, as they believe in simplicity. They simply design bikes that can help you lose weight, strengthen muscles or reach your goals as for that matter.

You don’t have to be scared of these bikes, as these are just bikes. This is all we have to express in this Nautilus bike review. Although they have more to offer than it may seem to be, yet they are bikes and are expected to be enjoyed likewise.

Honest Nautilus Bike Review

Nautilus was established in 1986, and ever since then they have never stopped. They keep manufacturing sturdy equipment that soon becomes hot trends in the fitness industry. This company is located at Vancouver in Washington (U.S.). This means, you will get all indigenous products. No need to lose your sleep over getting things from far flung lands.

They have assimilated brands like Bowflex, Octane Fitness, Modern Movement, Schwinn Fitness, and Universal as part of their international marketing. That certainly makes them a big name in the fitness realm.  

As for now, they have ellipticals, treadmills, upright bikes and even recumbent bikes that make it a complete package. Yes, you have a lot to cherry-pick from, but ultimately it is a reliable brand that needs no big mentions.

Benefits Of Nautilus Bikes

There are bicycles that are straightforward and do what you need them to do, and there are Nautilus Bikes. They may not have tons of varieties for now, as far as indoor bikes are concerned, but they deliver on their promise. 

Doctors and healthcare experts advise us to stay fit. This is the reason they request that we work out every day and keep up our weight. Exercising all the time supports our immune system and that is a significant activity without a doubt. 

Once more, if you are thinking about getting bicycles from Nautilus, you must research a bit into it. Along these lines, here are many points of interest of Nautilus bicycles that you can depend on: 

  • Better Shape – It conditions and tones your muscles. Your quads, glutes, legs, hamstrings, and thighs. They become stronger with each passing day and you can feel it in your bones. Likewise, your energy levels also gets boosted after each spin class, without any hesitations . 
  • Cardio – This is exhibited truth that riding a bike can control your glucose levels and lessens your blood pressure. In addition, it lessens the dangers of a heart attack. Using Nautilus bikes all the time can help your heart to pump blood, effectively. Basically, it offers you a remarkable cardio work out.
  • Weight Loss – Yes, forgetting about calories, working out, and resting are the key parts for getting fit. If you stay consistent with yourself, you will get results with Nautilus bikes, without a doubt. It has been discovered that if an individual goes through 30 minutes on a bike, everything considered, indubitably they will, lose 200-300 calories. 
  • No Joint Trouble – Do you feel pain in your joints (shoulders, knees, and elbows) while running or strolling? Worry no more, as you can swap your activity with that of riding a bike. They are undemanding and all the more energizing over running or walking. 

Basically, your whole body gets the opportunity to work out with stationary bikes, and you can do it, from your home. Moreover, your joints, knees, lower legs and hips won’t feel that pressure. 

  • Pragmatic – No need of biking helmets and other gears! What more would you want? You can do it in your office, home or, at whatever point it may suit you. You can shed pounds, while watching your favorite movies, reading books or tuning into your jam. Sounds exceptional, isn’t that right?
  • Assemble – Nautilus bicycles go with their own course of actions. They have a set of guidelines that you can read through to make it easy. They have a point by point bearing booklet that you can use as a guide. Everything considered, nowadays, you may consider watching a few online videos as well.

A Buying Guide To Nautilus Bikes

Procuring a Nautilus bike is tantamount to getting anything new. Truly, they have a collection to choose from and that could make it bewildering sometimes. In any case, these pointers can make your life simple. 

  • Budget – This is the key to everything and it remains true. This will enable you to weed out a few different models. You need to find a number and should adhere to it.
  • Frame – You should analyze the geometry of a bicycle. The stands and handlebars all must be checked effectively. These will vary with models, yet this is a better method to get closer to what you want in reality.
  • Collection – As referenced, Nautilus bikes have a collection of bicycles to pick from. You can name it and they have it. From upright bikes, ellipticals and recumbent bikes, is what they specialize in, for now. Nonetheless, that could be truly overwhelming, and this is the reason you should know which kind you should get into to achieve your objectives. 
  • Weight – Yes, this is another factor that has a basic impact while picking a stationary bike. Do ensure that the Nautilus model you pick corresponds to your weight. Their bikes can hold up under anything as much as 300 pounds. That is an impressive sum!
  • Noise – We are sure you need a quiet model, as to not to trouble the whole family, while working out. Nautilus bikes have been designed, so as not to make loud noises. You will be happy to get one, no ifs, and or buts. 
  • Safety – Nautilus bikes are secured and in compliance with most standards. This translates you don’t need to stress over this at all. They have all that is required of them.

Features Of Nautilus Bike

It is a fact that Nautilus bikes are made for serious cyclists. They have heavy duty components that make you feel like you are riding a sturdy bike. Rest assured, they are not wobbly and you will be safe while riding a Nautilus, without a second thought.

Below are a few more aspects that you can count on:

  • Design – The frame is of steel, but the post slider is made from aluminum. This makes it corrosion resistant and light in weight too. Plus, it is coated with corrosion resistant paint; the flywheel and pulley are made from ABS material. This makes it a beauty and lends it stability with rubber pads underneath the stabilizers that are adjustable.
  • Resistance – Nautilus bikes have magnetic resistance that makes the whole operation smooth. Not only this, this means you enjoy noiseless work outs. Some bikes even have 25 levels of resistance that make them quite challenging.
  • Flywheel – It works with something called inertia drive (high) technology. In simple words, you will find the flywheel to be easy to start. They have 20 levels of eddy current, which is a high quality magnetic brake that makes it safe. It must be noted that a few models have 10 kgs, whereas some have 13.6 kgs of flywheel to work out with. 
  • Quality – This is what Nautilus bikes are about, quality. They have been in business for a long time and have never gone down on this feature. The upright bikes have small footprint in contrast to the recumbent bikes. That’s is all, but the warranty covers much of its quality.
  • Warranty – Now, this is something that Nautilus bikes are very popular for. The company offers 10 years of warranty on the frame alone! Add 2 years for the parts, 1 year for the electronics and 90 days on labor. Well, that is quite an elaborate warranty that no one can misread!


Let us have a further look at what more can you get with Nautilus bikes:

  • Console makes use of DualTrack™ that has 9 to 12 profile programs, depending on the machine you choose
  • The seat has standard connection system, but is adjustable
  • The handle bar has multiple grip options and has been secured with rubber grips
  • These are a low maintenance units that need a bit of a wipe and care to last long (as already mentioned)
  • Easy to assemble
  • Nautilus bikes are very affordable that make it worth everything
  • Comes with bottle and device holders


  • The cooling fan is not that good
  • The chest strap and heart rate monitoring facility need a little work from the manufacturer

How Do Nautilus Bikes Help Us?

Nautilus bikes are simple, doesn’t mean that they lack today’s technology. They have a clear console and you can track your workout with it. They have programs that you can exercise with and achieve what you want to. 

Nautilus is a prestigious name in the world of fitness. They have the quality, or else they wouldn’t have been working for this while in fact. Their bikes ordinarily have low upkeep and this suggests you won’t have to confer a ton to them. Regardless, some cleaning and care can make them last long. 

These bikes can help with you get trimmer, remain fit and happy. That is right, as exercise keeps your mood levels alleviated, which is a conspicuous truth now. You are rendered jolly when you work out and that affects you in a positive way.


  1. How Many Profiles Can Be Managed?

Ans. The LCD is called DualTrack™ and it supports 9-12 profiles for programs.

  1. What Data Does The Console Track?

Ans. It can track heart rate, time, distance, level, speed, revolutions per minute.

  1. How Many Programs Are There?

Ans. Most Nautilus bikes have anything from 22 to 29 pre-loaded programs that you can make use of. 

  1. What Is The Plus Side Of Magnetic Resistance?

Ans. They are low maintenance and absolutely noiseless bikes. 

Nautilus bikes are rugged and strong; when it comes to helping you lose weight. If you want to maintain your weight, they are here to help you. Yes, but you must be dedicated too and should not cheat on your regime. A proper balance of diet, exercise and rest will help you accomplish your targets. This Nautilus bike review is all about this brand assisting you do the right thing. All this can be done from the comfort of your home. What more can you ask for? They do have programs that you can log into and learn from, in case you want more.

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