Exerpeutic Bike Review: Expectations Versus Reality

Exerpeutic stands for exercise in a therapeutic way. In fact, exercising on a daily basis is quite a therapy by itself. Your mood levels are alleviated, and you remain cheerful the whole day. What more can you ask for?

Think about it, this is why we primarily picked up this brand. An Exerpeutic bike Review would go in vain, if we did not mention their true intention. This brand looks at exercise and equipment in a completely different way. 

Their devices are innovative, technically at par with industry standards and you get a lot to choose from. They have treadmills, recumbent bikes, upright bikes, under the desk bikes, mini stepper and elliptical to make a choice from. If this interests you by any means, then read this post to get a fair understanding of Exerpeutic bikes all together.

Spot-on Exerpeutic Bike Review

Exerpeutic bikes have everything you want in a stationary bike. These bikes are nothing short of new age bikes. They have computers that can track your improvement. You will be more than glad to know that Exerpeutic bicycles have so much to offer you. 

These bikes are foldable and that is certainly one of the best features of these bikes. You can store them the way you like. The magnetic tension and multiple levels of resistance make their bikes an experience of its own. 

These are sold under the umbrella of Paradigm Health & Wellness. They have quite a reputation of their own in the world of fitness. Rest assured, you will have nothing more to worry about, once you get into brand Exerpeutic. 

Benefits Of Exerpeutic Bikes

There are fancy, high tech bikes that may seem complicated, and there are Exerpeutic Bikes. They have a huge collection to pick from, and they guard their products with their warranty. That certain implies they know how much trustworthy their products are.

Doctors and healthcare professionals are always asking us to work out. Exercising on a regular basis boosts our immune system and that means a lot. This is the main reason why they ask us to remain fit and exercise.

Again, if you are pondering getting bikes from Exerpeutic, you should examine a bit into it. Here are numerous focal points of Exerpeutic bikes that you can rely upon: 

  • Cardio – This is the truth that riding a bicycle can control your glucose levels and reduces your blood pressure. Also, it decreases the threats of a heart attack. Utilizing Exerpeutic bicycles all the time can assist your heart with pumping blood, adequately. Essentially, it offers you a momentous cardio work out. 
  • Better Shape – It conditions and tones your muscles. Your hamstrings, quads, thighs, glutes, and legs are rendered stronger and you can feel it in your bones. Likewise, your energy levels get a boost after each spin class, with no hesitations.
  • No Joint Trouble – Do you feel pain in your joints, like knees, shoulders, and elbows while running or walking? Stress no more, as you can swap this regime with that of riding a bicycle. They are undemanding and all the all the more invigorating over running or walking.

Fundamentally, your entire body gets the chance to work out with stationary bicycles, and you can do it, from your home. Besides, your joints, knees, lower legs and hips won’t feel that weight. 

  • Weight Loss – Yes, proper eating, working out, and resting are the key parts for getting fit. In the event that you remain true to yourself, you will get results with Exerpeutic bicycles, as well. It has been found that if an individual experiences 30 minutes on a bicycle, everything considered, unquestionably they will, lose 200-300 calories. 
  • Assemble – Exerpeutic bikes go with their very own course of activities. They have a lot of rules that you can read to make it simple. They have a point by point bearing booklet that you can use as a guide. Everything considered, these days, you may think about viewing a couple of online videos that make your life easy.
  • Pragmatic – No need of biking head protectors and different gears! What more would you need? You can do it in your office, home or, at whatever time, it might suit you. You can shed pounds, while viewing your favorite movies pictures, listening to music or reading books. Sounds remarkable, isn’t that right? 

A Buying Guide To Exerpeutic Bikes

Securing an Exerpeutic bicycle is equivalent to getting anything new. Really, they have a collection to browse and that could make it baffling here and there. Regardless, these pointers can make your life basic. 

  • Collection – As referenced, Exerpeutic bicycles have a compilation of bikes to cherry-pick from. You can name it and they have it. From upstanding bicycles, ellipticals and recumbent bicycles. In any case, that could be really overwhelming, and this is the reason you should know what kind you ought to get into to accomplish your goals. 
  • Budget – This is the way to everything and it hold true for procuring a bike too. This will empower you to sort out of a couple of models. You have to find a number and stick to it. 
  • Frame – You ought to break down the geometry of a bike. The stands and handlebars all must be checked adequately. These will change with models, yet this is a better way find the right device for you. 
  • Noise – We are certain you need a peaceful model, as to not to disturb the entire family, while working out. Exerpeutic bicycles have been planned, so as not to make noisy clamors. You will be glad to get one, because of this.
  • Weight – Yes, this is another factor that has an essential effect while picking a stationary bicycle. Do guarantee that the Exerpeutic model you pick compares to your weight. Their bicycles can hold up under anything from 300 pounds to 400 pounds. 
  • Safety – Exerpeutic bicycles are verified and in compliance with general guidelines. This makes an interpretation that you don’t have to worry over this by any stretch of imagination. They have all that is expected of them.

Features Of Exerpeutic Bike

Serious minded cyclists prefer a no fuss exercise bike. Speaking of which, brings us to Exerpeutic bikes that are sturdy and do what you want them to do. You can exercise on them, and if that is all you need, then you have it in them. Yet, we have found some more on these bikes and they are like:

  • Design–The body of Exerpeutic bikes is made from tubular steel and is coated with a powder that makes them strong. This helps them last long as well.
  • Adjustment –The seat can be adjusted with ease and there will no problems for people within a height of 5 feet 3 inches to 6 feet and 1 inch. The only problem with this is that the handlebar remains fixed, which could make it challenging for some.
  • Resistance–Exerpeutic bikes have up to 8 levels of resistance for training. The magnetic resistance makes the transitions smooth and the operation becomes totally noiseless because of this. 
  • Flywheel–The V-belt gives you a smoother ride in comparison to the others. The chain drive mechanism makes it safe for working out and additionally you can bid goodbye to slipping forever.
  • Quality – This is the thing that Exerpeutic bicycles are about, quality. They have been doing business for quite a while and have never gone down on this element. The upright bikes are compact and some models of recumbent bikes are also foldable. That is all; however the warranty covers quite a bit of its quality.
  • Warranty –When it comes to choosing a brand of exercise bikes, the warranty matters a lot. In this case, you get 1 year on the frame and 90 days on other components from the date of purchasing. It is quite a lot and if truth be told, most entry level bike manufacturers don’t even think about it.


To sum up the things that we like in Exerpeutic bikes, we must say:

  • They are compact in size and that means a lot in today’s small apartments
  • A few models are even foldable 
  • Bikes have wheels for easy transportation
  • On top of everything, these bikes provide you low impact work out
  • There are holders that can be used to store devices or anything you want
  • You can adjust the resistance levels
  • The resistance levels are marked for safety
  • The console read your heart rate, calories burned, time, distance and more


Like all products, Exerpeutic bikes all come with its flaws; and some of them are like:

  • The magnetic resistance may not be considered good by all
  • No pre-set work out programs 
  • Does not record or store your stats
  • The handlebar cannot be adjusted 

How Do Exerpeutic Bikes Help Us?

Exerpeutic bicycles are quality bikes that have always lived up to the expectations. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have survived the severity of the health industry. They are comfortable and you can track your progress all the time. They have programs that you can practice with and accomplish what you need to. 

Exerpeutic is a lofty name in the realm of fitness. Their bicycles commonly have low maintenance and this means you have to do too much to keep them. In any case, some cleaning and care can make them keep going long. 

These bicycles can help with you get trimmer, you can stay fit and contented. That is correct, as exercise keeps your mind free, which is an obvious truth now. You are rendered gleeful when you work out and that influences you in a positive manner.


  1. Why Do Some Complain About The Heart Rate Monitors Not Working?

Ans. This is a common misunderstanding that these monitors do not work. However, the truth, you need to have a firm grip on the handlebars for them to read your vitals correctly. That is all, people make mistakes and they blame the bike.

  1. What Is So Special About The V-Belt?

Ans. The V-belt has a stronger grip, and it can prevent slipping. This makes Exerpeutic bikes safe and secured.

  1. Are Exerpeutic Bikes Comfortable?

Ans. Yes, they are, as the seat is big enough and is padded with extra comfort to suit your needs.

In short, this Exerpeutic bike Review is all about letting you know that these bikes are super affordable. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket in your pocket to install one in your home. 

The folding bikes make your home look decent, and not like a dump yard. For you can stash the bike away anywhere you want. They don’t take a lot footprint and you will be happy using them in your home because of this, all the more.

With so many options out in the market, manufacturers like these only believe in one thing that of offering what you ask for. It is a bike that you can ride to reach your goals. That is it. Period!

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