Do You Really Need The Best Exercise Bike Mats

Do You Really Need The Best Exercise Bike Mats?

So, thinking of investing in a spin bike, but not sure what all you need, is that right? Don’t sweat it. LISS Cardio has all the solution and we particularly are about to discuss about exercise mats. We will also talk about what all you may need together with an exercise bike

These days, you can subscribe for fitness programs, get a bottle holder, install a computer on your cycle for keeping track of your progress and get a comfortable seat. However, what never fails is to invest in an exercise mat when it comes to heavy machinery. Do you really need the best exercise bike mat? Heck yes, and there are no doubts about it!

Yes, Do You Really Need A Mat?

We will solve this quandary in a jiffy for you. The first thing that we want we want to ask you is that are you serious about your regime? If yes, then you must get an exercise mat, as this will ensure that your floor or carpet does not wear down with regular working out sessions.

If this reason is not good enough, then consider the following:

  • They keep your floor from getting damaged
  • Most importantly, good quality will keep the noise down, while you work out 
  • Mats provide you with extra cushioning 
  • This means you will be balanced well

Benefits Of An Treadmill Mat

You know healthcare professionals consistently request that we work out. They express this, since they handle that exercising improves our immunity levels. This is the essential inspiration for why they demand that we remain fit and exercise step by step.

Hence, once you decide that you are going to do it, there is no backing off. If you are so determined, make sure that you do it right. This is one more reason, why you should get an exercise bike mat in the first place.

We have managed to rake up a few advantages that go in favor of these mats. Read them with care:

  • Protection Of Floor – Okay, this may sound repetitive, but this one thing that should not slip your mind. Be it a rented apartment, or your own home, you surely don’t want the floor to get scuffed. It could be hardwood, tile or concrete floor; daily vibrations could cause a major disruption to them. Why not give them the protection they need?
  • Smooth – Believe us or not, as you place a mat under that bike, you will notice that you are not rocking anymore. Yes, people on the heavier side may find this tremendously accommodating, as this will not wake up the whole family.
  • Reduced Noise – Imagine the cranking sound of the metal against your floor. This is surely going to bother someone or the other in your family. Why not give them the peace? Placing a mat under that bike of yours will reduce this noise. A good padded mat will absorb all the shock from your upright bike or recumbent bike. 
  • Easy Cleanup – That is right, imagine you are using a chain drive belt, and the dripping of the lubricant will only make it worse. You or someone else will have to clean all that mess, without a doubt. Why not get an exercise bike mat instead? It will soak up the lubricant and you will not have anything to worry about. Plus, it can sop up the sweat that drips from you while you are at it.
  • Rational Choice – By now, you more likely than not grasped that you needn’t helmets and other biking gears while working out on a stationary bike. Why not procure the right stuff that will help you maintain it all? Think about it.

Buying Guide

Securing an exercise bike mat resembles getting anything new. In any case, of whether there is an assortment of items to choose from, and it could be truly overwhelming. Regardless, these pointers can make your life straight forward for the proportionate.  

  • Budget – This is the best way to deal with oversee direct everything and it stays right, and it remains constant for getting an exercise bike mat. This will help you weed out a few of them. Regardless, you have to find a number and stick to it. 
  • Floor Type – It is recommended that you go for rubber or PVC mats for your concrete, hardwood or carpeted floors. Whereas, foam mats are good for hardwood and concrete only. Placing them under your exercise bike will ensure that you don’t slip.
  • Material – You can choose from rubber, foam or PVC. Make a choice as per your floor type and convenience. Yes, but we must say that rubber extremely durable, provides you stability and is water resistance. PVC is good for certain types of floors and foam is thick enough to protect carpet as well as hardwood.
  • Non-Slip – The fact is when you are engrossed in a high-intensity interval training or HIIT session, you may not realize that you may be prone to easy slipping. Nonetheless, you need to make sure that you don’t skid with your bike and cause any accidents while working out. 
  • Odor – Look getting a PVC mat may be a way out for people that have an affinity to strong odors. All mats start smelling after a few days of use, which is quite practical. You can let them air dry and take them out in the sun at times. 
  • Warranty – Please do look for the refund policy and warranty of an exercise bike, when you buy one. This is imperative, as you may need to return it, in case of damage or something. 
  • Reviews – Always read the reviews and then take a call. The more you read about how real people have found the mat to be, you will be understand the connection between advertising and reality. 
  • Safety – An exercise bike mat must be safe to use. This makes means it should not slip away. This is why we have reviewed an exercise mat for you. This way you can understand what elements you must look into for additional safety. 

Review of Best Exercise Bike Mats

Here is our take on an exercise bike mat:

SuperMats Heavy Duty Equipment Mat 13GS

SuperMats Equipment is a perfect fit for any fitness enthusiast. They fit under almost all prominent names and that explains why they are so popular among fitness devotees. The Mat 13GS is a heavy-duty mat that can survive a lot of wear and tear. 

Most vitally, it has to be mentioned that these mats bear no harmful chemicals that may be deemed dangerous for children and pets. These mats are made from strong vinyl components that protect your floor from dust, sweat, and noise.


  • It thoroughly protects your floor from dust, grime, sweat, vibrations, and noise of all kinds
  • These are durable mats
  • You can use with exercise bikes, steppers, stretching and step aerobics too
  • They work with the most known brands in the fitness arena
  • This implies they are a perfect fit with most name brands
  • It is made in the U.S.A. and not created in a far-flung foreign land
  • SuperMats Equipment understand your requirements and this why they offer you nothing but the best 
  • This is why they are well-cushioned 
  • They prolong the life of your equipment because they keep the carpet or floor dust from entering the mechanical parts and belts 
  • These mats do not contain anything harmful, which is why they are safe for everyone
  • Available in different sizes
  • These mats are affordable


  • They may look thin and floppy but are pocket-size powerhouse
  • May not be compatible with cleats that have spikes

What Size Of Home Bike Mat To Buy?

In case you are thinking of using for a spin bike, then the type has to be different than a recumbent bike. We have sorted this predicament out of your life too.

Here, read this:

  • Spin Bike – This means you can use these mats for steppers, upright bikes of any kind, mini steppers and even pedal exercises. These mats have a small footprint and must be at least 3 feet in length and 2 feet in width.
  • Recumbent Bike – Hands down, you need a wider and much longer mat for these bikes and even for ellipticals as for that matter. They must be 5 feet in length and 2.5 feet in width. 

What Material Of Stationary Bike Mat To Buy?

See, this is no rocket science that you have to follow rules. Choose whatever you feel is right for you.

However, we can chip in a few varieties for you here. So, have a look at them:

  • PVC – Of course, Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC are the most profound ones at gyms, as they are easy to roll, and light in weight. They are also the cheapest of all kinds. They can be used as a bike mat for carpeted floors. They have better absorbing power and can do wonders for carpets in particular because of this.
  • Rubber – Another widely used variety for they can absorb shock and way better than others. These days most rubber mats are made from recycled rubber and that makes them sustainable as well. They are super slip-resistant and water-resistant. 
  • Foam – You can get them with different kinds of density and that makes them so much in demand. In fact, EVA foam mats are the cheapest of all. Foam provides better cushioning for hips, knees, back, and elbows because of their soft spongy make. This denotes they are comfortable to be used for any activity you may think of. They are even orderly, easy to move and great for carpeted floors in addition. You can find them suitable for aerobics to spin bike riding. They are versatile and can make it worth all efforts for you. 

Point is if you love your floor, then you will want to protect it by any means. An exercise mat is just a way to keep it safe. Plus, the vibrations are not good for your floor or your carpet. Think of the fiber damage it would do, no don’t take that path. 

Do you really need a treadmill mat? What do you say now? You do, and you cannot deny the importance of these mats. Plus you can use these mats for multiple uses, like yoga, core work out or Pilates and more depending on their thickness. Why think about it, when you are already invested in it? Go ahead and get it today.

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