DeskCycle Bike Review: All the Facts You’ll Ever Need to Know

Ever been worried how to manage a fitness regime within a tight working schedule? Well, then here is a solution to that and it is known as the DeskCycle bike. These under desk cycles can be used just as they are named, under the desk. Yes, that is right!

This means, you can fit in your busy life with an actual exercise routine. It is something that you can use at your own convenience. However, you may want some more information about these bikes. Why not read this Deskcycle bike Review and get a fair idea as to what it is all about?

Accurate DeskCycle Bike Review

3D Innovations, LLC owns DeskCycle and they have been in business ever since 1999. They have been into developing 3D solutions for fitness, exergaming and education. Their careful engineering and brilliant customer support has made it possible for them to spread a word for their work.

They are located in Northern Colorado, which means they are an American company that knows about the American Dream. They also know how difficult it gets to accomplish what you desire, but what DeskCycle does not allow is to take yourself for granted. They offer different kinds of exercise equipment that you can use on the go. DeskCycle bikes happen to be one of them.

What they believe in is to improve your health that can extend your lifespan. For it is a known fact that people that exercise on a regular basis are happy people. Besides, there is so much to learn about these bikes, and we have done all that for you in this post. Just keep reading till the end.

Benefits Of DeskCycle Bikes

There are unrestrained, front line bikes that may have all the earmarks of being bewildered, and there are DeskCycle bicycles. They have a gigantic amassing to pick from, and they secure their things with their warranty. That positively means they know how much dependable their products are. 

Besides, you may have noticed that doctors always to stay fit. This is because; maintaining your ideal weight boosts immunity. This is the major inspiration driving them and demanding that we remain fit and exercise.

If you are thinking about getting bikes from DeskCycle, for the same reason, you should dive a bit into it. Here are different focal reasons for DeskCycle bikes that you can rely on: 

  • Easy on Joints – Do you feel pain in your joints, like knees, shoulders, and elbows while running? Stress no more, as you can swap this regime with that of riding a bicycle. They are undemanding and all the all the more stimulating over running or walking. 
  • Weight Loss – Yes, sensible eating, working out, and resting are the key parts to get fit. In the event that you remain true to yourself, you will get results with Deskcycle bicycles, as well. It has been found that if a person that goes through at any rate 30 minutes on a bicycle, everything considered, unquestionably will lose something around 200-300 calories inside that time. 
  • Better Shape – It conditions and tones your muscles. Your legs, hamstrings, quads, glutes, and thighs become tough and you can feel it quite well. Quite obviously, your vitality levels renew after each spin class. This is on the grounds that, your entire body finds the chance to work out with stationary bicycles, and you can do it, from your home. In addition, knees, your joints, hips and lower legs won’t feel that weight. 
  • Cardio – Riding a bicycle can lessen your blood sugar and control your blodd pressure levels. Moreover, it reduces the threats of a heart attack. Utilizing Deskcycle bicycles all the time can assist your heart with siphon blood, quite adequately. Essentially, it offers you a great cardio work out. 
  • Practical – Hope, you as of now have figured this that there is no need of helmets or any other biking gears for working out, if you decide on an under the desk bike. What more would you need? You can do it in your office, home or, at whatever time, it might suit you. You can shed pounds, while viewing a movie, working on your computer from your cubicle or reading those reports. Sounds stunning, isn’t that right?
  • Assemble – DeskCycle bikes go with their very own course of assembling. These bikes are comparatively very easy to assemble. They have a point by point bearing in their manual that you can use as a guide. You can even, watch a few videos for the same to make it an effortless task.

A Buying Guide To DeskCycle Bikes

Securing a DeskCycle bicycle is equivalent to getting anything new. We don’t want you to get confused while procuring a DeskCycle. So, we believe that knowing these pointers can make clarify a few things:

  • Budget – This is the best way to deal with everything and it stays consistent for acquiring a bike also. This will draw in, you to manage of a couple of models. You have to find a number and stick to it. 
  • Noise – We are certain you need a calm model, as to not to disturb the entire family or office, while working out. DeskCycle bicycles have been masterminded, so as not to make noise at all. You will be glad to get one if you have similar concerns.
  • Collection – As referenced, DeskCycle bikes have a collection to browse from. They have a few varieties that may get you thinking. In any case, that could be genuinely overwhelming, and this is the reason you ought to acknowledge what kind you ought to get into to accomplish your targets.
  • Safety – DeskCycle bicycles are incompliance with general standards. This implies that you don’t have to worry over this. They have got your back for sure!

Features Of DeskCycle Bikes

You can now, fold your laundry and work out, sit your computer and work out or play a game and work out, certainly makes it an amazing deal. This suggests you can multi task and exercise at the same time. We have found a few more aspects that make DeskCycle bikes worth a consideration.

  • Quality – This is the thing that DeskCycle bicycles are about, quality. They have been cooperating for quite a while and have never gone down on this part. That is all; at any rate the assurance covers a lot of its quality.
  • Quiet – This is an essential attribute that you must pay attention to while installing a bike. Guess what, the DeskCycle operates quietly and you can enjoy the magnetic resistance without feeling guilty.
  • Resistance – You may be thinking what can a teenie-meenie bike like this do? Well, it is a pocket size powerhouse of a bike with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. What this actually signifies is that anyone from 5 to 100 years can use these bikes. You can even change pace from 15 mph to 30 mph for an effective cardio. 
  • Flywheel – The flywheel is high inertia oriented, which denotes smoother pedaling with a flawless pace. Undoubtedly, this transforms into a lot for an avid rider. 
  • Pedals–The pedals are wide and sturdy with adjustable Velcro straps. This ensures that it fits you well and keeps your cycling safe in the best possible ways. 
  • Monitor–Display is very clear and has big fonts, which makes it super legible. You can monitor stats and even synch it with your smart devices to keep a track of it all. 


There is some more to DeskCycle bikes that you may need to know in short. For instance:

  • You can increase the resistance while pedaling to sweat it out
  • The highest pedal height is 10 inches 
  • Has 20 inches width that does not make it wobbly
  • You may get online assistance to reach our goals
  • Backed by a year’s warranty
  • Comes with 30 days money back guarantee


There could be a few things that we may not have liked in the DeskCycle and they are like:

  • It may be a concern for taller people, as most office are only 30 inches high and this could mean to be interfering with the available leg space
  • Adjusting the desk could simply make them give up on the ergonomics

How Do DeskCycle Bikes Help Us? 

DeskCycle bicycles are quality bikes that have reliably satisfied the desires for its clients. Else, they wouldn’t have suffered in the aggressive fitness business. They are very easy to use and you can keep tabs on your development always on these bicycles. This way you can achieve your objectives within no time.

DeskCycle is a fantastic name in the space of fitness. Their bicycles are low on upkeep and this suggests you don’t have to do a lot to keep them. In any case, some cleaning and care can make them prop up long. 

These bicycles can help with you get trimmer, make you stay fit and happy. That is correct, as exercise keeps your mind free, and it is a prominent truth now. You are rendered upbeat when you work out and that impacts your life in a positive manner.


  1. Will The Deskcycle Bike Work At My Desk?

Ans. Even before getting into the math, of 10 inches maximum height, whereas office desks are 30 inches high, we would suggest that you can use away from the desk too! You can use it during your breaks or adjust the schedule according to your needs.

  1. Can You Use These Bikes For High Cardio?

Ans. Albeit, you can! However, you may have to use higher resistance for this. Like you can try going to level 3 or even 4 for this.

  1. Does It Make The Legs Stronger?

Ans. To be honest, you may not expect the legs of a body builder! Nonetheless, it will make them stronger provided you are using a higher resistance.

Okay, to tell you the truth, DeskCycle bikes may not be an alternative for treadmill for some, but it definitely is better than just sitting. It may not provide an all body workout, but it is way better than just sitting. You are at least pedaling, which indicates that you are active in the least possible way.We agree that walking, running or riding a bike are neat ways to remain active. Yet, you cannot discard the charm of a DeskCycle bike. We say this out and loud in this Deskcycle bike Review that these bikes are here to stay. They do not let you fall into a sedentary lifestyle, without a doubt.

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